Venice wedding photography

Here you can find examples of weddings in Venice.

I really enjoy Venice as it is such unique place. If you have never been to Venice I would suggest it as once in a lifetime thing to do. For me Venice wedding photography is about the charm, character and essence of Venice and I think that to capture these elements the best way is to wander on foot and get away from the tourist spots and find the pulse of Venice in its narrow backstreets and canals. It does take time to walk around Venice so we shouldn’t be in a rush and need to allocate sufficient time.

I also suggest trying to get on the water in someway whether it be a gondola or a water taxi as this opens up a whole new perspective of the city.

Below are examples of Venice wedding photography.

A wedding in Torcello, wedding photographer Venice

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Anne and Jason Wedding in Torcello, Venice

Anne and Jason coming from Los Angeles had a romantic wedding ceremony and their Wedding Party in Torcello Island, onto the beautiful Venice lagoon.

The wedding day has started at 7 am as we left Venice on an offshore with the bride and her family to go to Torcello island where we arrived after an hour.  At 8,30 am the bride has started her preparation at Locanda Cipriani where Ernest Hemingway in the autumn of 1948 joined in Venice by his wife Mary. Then we moved outside to shoot for pre-wedding group pictures of the bride with her guests and her family. Then we did the same with groom and their best men. The wedding ceremony has taken place in the church of Santa Fosca in Torcello. At the end we’ve shoot for group wedding pictures with bride and groom and their guests and family both outside the church and in the garden of the restaurant at Locanda Cipriani where has taken place a drink party before the lunch. In the afternoon we moved on Venice for a Gondola ride obtaining unique and very fantastic pictures full of colors taking advantage of  the warm light at 7pm travelling from The Grand Canal , through the inner little romantic canals, up to Rialto Bridge. Then, at the sunset, bride and groom with their guests had a Ghost discover tour through the ancient ways of the centre of Venice.

wedding in torcello venice